Problem with PM msg stuck in Outbox

I am having a PM problem. I’ve replied 2 msg but it got stuck in the Outbox. Not sure why it didn’t send to recipient.
How can this be fixed? I’ve clean up my msg box but still the same.
Thank you.

file too big probably, take time to send it…

still in outbox meanng the recipient haven’t open and read it, correct me if i’m wrong.

correct. PHPbb way

Sent already but the recipient haven’t open and read it.

just realised that i’m having the same thing too ! its stated there sent so i suppose like what vertigo has mentioned, the recipients has yet to open and read it

Noted. Thank you.
I thought it’s like the way Microsoft Outlook behave. If email not sent, it will be in Outbox pending to deliver or else it is in Sent folder.

They are right. Recipient haven’t open and read it :smiley:

you are all wrong!

check to see if you are “connected” or “offline” give us feedback on this pls

That should be correct. Even my pm with no attachment will end up at outbox.

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