Problem with my sony ericsson K660i-Ciphering warning appear

When i make call or i receive call,this warning appear on my ssony phone:ciphering not provided by operator.Insecure transmission.Whats is this?anybody experience this?HOw to solve it?is it common?PLs share.thx.–53944_ … bile_Phone … hp?t=51927

I found this in internet search engine…maybe you can search more in search engine

thanks inspire.i’go thru it.

nobody experience this…?

r u sure ur model its k660i?coz mine is w660i. u can call ur operator serv to settle it.for me,i call to digi ctr than they help me to setting it.prob solve!

Ok…i’ll try.Never experience this before.yup.mine k660i.try search on