Probe into claim of students sniffing chicken dropping

KUCHING: Can a person get high by sniffing chicken dropping?

National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) Sarawak Director Jasni Jubli intends to find out.

He will investigate a claim by a federal deputy minister last month that some students in the State were sniffing chicken droppings to get high if they could not obtain glue.

This is news to me but on the part of the AADK we will try to seek an answer and, if proven to be true, we will take preventive measures, he told Bernama here yesterday. Jasni said it was quite difficult to prove such a claim as a study had to be made of scientific evidence linking chicken dropping to getting high.

He said that if chicken dropping could inflict the same damage as glue it would be difficult to take action as there was no legal provision to ban the sniffing of chicken dropping, just like in the case of glue.

Under normal circumstances, the authorities could arrest such people if they disrupted public order.

Federal Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe was quoted saying in a local newspaper recently that some desperate students have resorted to sniffing chicken dropping.



chicken droppings?!? ew

Nothing new. In the west they resort to sniffing cow’s feces.

But really, disgusting and luckly I just finished my breakfast.

rofl ! i go smell my gf punyak ass better la :lol: