Private Tutor Required-updated

as per mentioned on the thread topic, i’m looking for interested individual for the post (male or female) for ‘special need’ children. the tutor is required to provide private tuition to the children for 2-3 hours on weekdays only and urgently required.

attractive pay is offer based on experience and any interested individual can ‘pm’ me for details.

updated info - the private tuition is for secondary school level.

ps - the ‘special need’ children are not physically handicapped, deaf or having speaking un-ability but requires extra tutoring attention due to their ‘special need’.

m i thinking of wat u r thinking???“special need” hehehehe…

well too bad that you have such thinking and before you ‘spoilt’ my sincere search, better buckle up your seat belt and fly kite far away from this thread. i mean it.

“Special need”? Is it hyper-active?

well too bad that you have such thinking and before you ‘spoilt’ my sincere search, better buckle up your seat belt and fly kite far away from this thread. i mean it.[/quote]

not to push your button…bt hw can u be so sure that u r thinking of wat im thinking? my “special need” could mean anything ranging from naughty to too darn hyper :? :evil: :evil: don abuse your power la…sorry bt im not looking for a arguement wit u ok…

if ‘naughty’ or ‘hyper’ is in your thoughts at first then why wasnt it spill out that way rather using other term to explain it? :?:

what i do care is the consequences of your 1st response to my thread. what’s in others mind when re-act to your response is not under your control therefore a stop has to be put on there to avoid further speculations. and your judgement of me abusing power here apply for that reason?

no. kindly ‘pm’ me for details if you are really keen. which parent wanna reveal their children disabilities in public? it’s different case if you are an ‘ang moh’ parent.

Hi, My Ladybird Friend!
How’s your search for a private tutor? Do you want me to help out?

I’ve always treasured a memorable appreciation diploma from my Canadian alma mater fo helping out disadvantaged students… :wink:

hello my darling cupid,
the search went well and thank you for asking. however, i take note on the offered assistance and will buzz you when the time come. do ‘pm’ me if you have any potential candidate in hand. :smiley:

lady bird bird… im interested :stuck_out_tongue: when do i expect your PM :smiley:

isskkk main tungah ajak bah, sik bagi salam dolok kah… :stuck_out_tongue:
‘pm’ me for the contact details coz jari jemari ku mok ‘cramp’ dah, banyak gilak klik tetikus ku tuk menjaga ‘keamanan’ forum. :wink:

i’m a teacher from special education sch in miri…acually wat the special need u mean 4?

are you keen? if yes, kindly ‘pm’ me for details. thank you.

I have been following this discussion and I find some of our friends do not understand the need to be discreet and not to make fun of others. If we cant help, then we must not make fun too.
There are children who need special attention not because they are disable, but they learn slowly and need help to understand their lessons. Of course there are others who need special attention due to their physical, mental disability. They need help to make them feel they are normal and thus in long run, they can manage themselves without anyone’s help.
I hope for those who have made fun out of 'Ladybird"'s request should take some time and ponder upon, if the help was for you or your loved ones.
Please, I do not wish to argue or make anyone upset. I just hope this matter is put to a stop and let’s work together and make Miri a town of good people.
Have a nice day.

pheww…am i glad to see your understanding in this matter, rsjit and welcome to :smiley: your ‘pm’ on this thread has been replied promptly.

Hi, good evening. I just saw yr advert and am wondering if you are still looking for a private tutor for the children. I have been teaching a ‘special child’ for 3yrs + now. She is also someone who needs a lot of attention as she develops slowly. But, I’m happy to say that she is doing very well now compared to when I first started with her. If you are still looking, please let me know. Thanks.

hi and welcome to :smiley:

a ‘pm’ has been forwarded to you on the matter above.

aih… aku xda pm… dkat sine ngajar tok?

ngajar kat umah lah. ko iboh jak deng. ko sikda ciri2 kesabaran ngajar mbiak tapi ada ciri2 pengoda. sebab ya lah ko sikda pm dari kmk. :smiley:

aduh… x semena2 jak kena tembak… sakit eh… hahahhaa :lol: