Private investigator

any body know is there any private investigation / investigator in miri?

I have no idea… but i got a fren here who worked as a PI at west m’sia for 2 years…

i actually it is better if there is in miri…

ya…so that crime will be solved much faster:)

something like private detective?

i know some PI. PM me your details. Hiring a PI is not cheap, i have to tell u first

I think they will normally charge by the hour. Everything they do, you pay. They will no doubt provide you with detailed reports with photographs as proof. They don’t have fixed working time so that is why they charge very high. Furthermore, they may have to appear in court if called to do so if that case goes to court as they are basically the witnesses. Of cos you have to pay for that service too. Stand by all the cash you have. :mrgreen:

We make 1 PI group want? :lol:

the miricommunity detective… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sounds good. So who will lead the group? Athrun? legend?

humm…donno…need expert…i am not… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thank god. I need you in future


expert is needed indeed…

i can be investigater A,pretend to be people reading newspaper…and observed the target…like this guy…conan girlfriend father… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I can take photo for the proof.
Can be used in the court :lol:

is there really are? well if there is give me some quotation…

i dont really need proffessional one. might as well i just hire you… easy one bo…

U want to investigate what first

the i better hire you legend. Anybody know how / what is the way to know ppl detail through their hp no? i know its confidential… anyway, anybody works with celcom here? tell me if you know.