Preference Shares

Invest RM1650- Minimum amount

Reminder: For serious personnel ONLY!

Capital: RM 1,650.00 ONLY

Company is international well established since May 2011. :wink:

Return: Daily and Monthly payout between 16 to 18 months. Binary and matching bonus - infinity.

5 stages. On 3rd stage already cover capital. 4th stage onwards you are in profits. I invested in Nov. 2011 with 2 lots. Now I am in profits.

Investment: Preference Shares - Your capital will grow to 410 to 463% depending on which package you are taking. Time require to reach the desire target will be about one year and a half.

My upline in Miri has received USD1,200/- on 12th March just only doing binary & matching. Most of his downlines are from Brunei and Miri too.

Please PM to set an appointment for more info or call 012-879 2480. 8)

Be a shareholder cum broker