First trailer for the new Predator movie!

eh? you know oso? hehehhe

I think this movie has no connection to the previous one. I personally long to watch this one.

If it bleeds, we can kill it…

Nice!! looking forward. I hv always bn a fan of the movie predator.

I hope this new one will be much better and exciting! :slight_smile:

y they choose andrien brody for these movie?! do his nose more sexy than predators? :evil:

its re-boot for the franchise. hopefully, it gonna be better than AVP.

the first movie is still clear with me and it is very exciting to watch. then you follow and watch the creature appear from jungle, to city, get in fight with alien and also appear in star trek. The predator can talk to people in english, it’s does not look as ugly as before once you watch it talking.