Pre-order Facial Night Jelly Mask(Product of Taiwan)

Pre-order Facial Night Jelly Mask

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These wonderful night gel mask is a hydrating and toning face treatment that leaves the skin rejuvenated and relaxed.

Leave it on for a night helps to hydrate your skin; giving you a radiant and healthy glowing skin!

1) @ Nature Tea Tree Pore Facial Night Jelly

Ingredient & Function
Piroctone Olamine & Tea Tree Oil
-enhances skin cell regeneration capabilities & prevent/improves acne condition.

Sodium Hylarounic Acid, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, cucumber
-enhances skin moisturization capabilities

Bismuth Subnitrate, vitamin B6, zinc Gluconate
-effectively regulates sebum secretion and minimizes pores

Hamamelis, Chamomile, Allantoin
-enhances skin cell regeneration & conditions the skin to be less sensitive to environmental radicals

All skin type; esp : oily skin, Pimple/Acne prone skin

2)@Nature Lavender Detox White Facial Night Jelly

Ingredient & Functions
Vitamin C & Lavender
-Allows easy absorption into skin for better whitening effects and balancing uneven skin pigmentation to give a glowing and radiant complexion

Silk Protein, Serine, Hyaluronic Acid
-enhances skin capability for moisture retention to keep your skin youthful and supple

Bio-white Bright Essence of Plants
-Essence from various plant which consist of anti- oxidants to keep the skin bright, glowing and soft

Aloe, vitamin E, Cucumber
-Soothes and keeps the skin moisturizers

All skin type; esp: Dry, Dull, Pigmentated and skin with uneven tone

3)@Nature Rose Flower Facial Night Jelly

Ingredient & Functions
Amino Acid, Hydrolyzed silk Protein, Hyaluronic Acid

  • Retains moisture in your skin , soothes and nourishes your skin

Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rosa Centifolia/Rosa Damascana), Aloe
-Recover the radiance the skin has to have a glowing and youthful complexion

Vitamin A
Smoothness wrinkles and prevents skin from aging

All skin type; esp: Dry, Dull skin

How to use:
-Apply every night after cleansing.
-Smooth a small amount over your face and neck.
-Rinse in water in next morning.


  1. Do not apply on the wound, swelling, sunburn and skin abnormalities area.
  2. Please stop using if any swelling, itching or severe redness occurs and consult a doctor immediately.
  3. If you have a sensitive skin, please do a patch test before usage. Should the irritation occurs, please do not use this product.
  4. Please store in a cool and dry place which is away from direct sunlight.

capacity: 70ml

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