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[size=200]FIRM . SMOOTH . SHAPE[/size]
Scientific results you will have to see to believe!
Application twice a day for two weeks will result in a slimmer, firmer and smoother shape with Bio Bright Slimming Cream

Fatty tissue is made by the watery muscle and an access fat that has been accumulated to become a hard cell. Now Bio bright slimming cream can effectively reduce the fatty tissue purposefully…

My experiences: JUST apply 1 time only , I had measure my body had slim down 0.5-1inchs …wow!!esult is so amazing …
even i stopped for 1 weeks , also no rebound ^^ I mlike it so muchhhh~~

[size=150]Key Benefits of Bio Bright Slimming Cream[/size]
1.Reduce stretch marks caused by obesity and striae of pregnancy
2.Assist fat burning
3.Body shaping (tighten skin)
4.Promotes weight loss (depends)
5.Improve blood circulation
[size=150]Key ingredient:[/size]
coaxel sepicide hbCMC menthol, proylene glycol, carbopol, natural seaweed, avocado oil, fragrance, purified water

[size=150]Recommended Use:[/size]
You don’t have to diet or workout but control appetite.
Apply a small portion day and night after shower or bath.
You are able to take other weight loss supplements. It might helps you to see the result in fast path.

Q: Is there any side effect after using?
A: It’s guaranteed a NO!

Q: Are they made in China?
A: SORRY. they are 100% from USA

Q: What if i got an allergic skin type?
A: We do have allergic customer using our product. If you still don’t feel safe, You can try to place small portion of Bio Bright on hand first so as to see whether got allergic reaction before you apply.

Currently we are doing[size=150] CNY promotion[/size] for this slimming product where,
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Bio bright slimming cream





Bio Bright Slimming Cream !!!

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coaxel sepicide hbCMC menthol, proylene glycol, carbopol, natural seaweed, avocado oil, fragrance, purified water




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500mgRM150 RM160Bio Bright








[size=200]100%[/size]USA BIO BRIGHT SLIMMING CREAM

[size=200]Bio Bright 100% MADE IN USA [b]

(not from CHINA)[/b][/size]

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Bio bright PERFECT Slimming Cream


Slimming PERFECT Body Control Cream Slimming Cream

Bio bright PERFECT Slimming Cream (/ )


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RM160.00/1 bottle RM150.00
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RM 300.00/2 bottles RM 280.00
RM 430.00/3 bottles RM 400.00

[size=200] (due date): 15 FEBRUARY 2013[/size]

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Please beware of fake/counterfeit/imitation, They might selling you cheaper or lower but they can’t guarantee you 100% authenticity.

Currently selling out two bottles :lol: :lol: :lol: . REMINDERPromotion only until 15 FEBRUARY 2013 Stay Tuned :smiley: