Postpaid Celcom Executive 50 and USB Broadband

[size=150]Why you should get Celcom Executive 50?[/size]
Calls = 0.15 sen flat to any number (Maxis, Digi, etc) and even to land line!!![/size]

That is [size=150]WAY CHEAPER [/size]than X-PAX = 0.38 sen
Ex: X-PAX (PREPAID) = RM10/0.38 = 26 minutes of airtime
Celcom Executive 50 = for 26 minutes = RM3.90 only!! (Rm3.9/0.15 = 26 minutes)

SMS = 0.12 sen flat to any number

MMS = 35 sen flat

Video Calls = 30 sen flat

Minimum usage is RM50 per month (If you are used to using prepaid, it is almost the same as reload Rm50 per month)

If your bill always exceed RM50 then you should give this a try because:

[size=150]If you bill reaches RM60 to RM79.99 = YOU WILL GET AUTOMATICALLY 10% DISCOUNT

Credit limit = RM300

If you are using prepaid and you wish to change to postpaid but still want to use the old number? No worries!
If you are using other network and wish to change to Celcom Executive 50 using the same the old number? No worries!

You can enjoy the benefits without having to change your old number!

By using postpaid, you also will not have to worry about finding any booths that sells reload if you happened to be in a place that doesnt sell the type of reload that you need.

[size=150]Celcom 5+1
With a primary line (Celcom Executive 50) you can have as much as 5 supplementary lines with only a payment of [size=150]RM5 per supplementary line per month!![/size]

It is the lowest monthly commitment fee for supplementary lines compared to other networks!

Between primary and supplementary all calls, sms, mms, video calls are FREE for 40 hrs of talktime and 2000 sms every month.

For supplementary lines:

Calls = 30 sen flat to all numbers

SMS = 10 sen flat to all numbers

MMS = 35 sen flat to all numbers

Credit limit for supplementary line = RM100

[size=150]USB Broadband
We are offering two packages:

  1. USB modem with registration = RM290 = RM68 per month = upto 384kbps
  2. USB modem with registration = RM320 = RM98 per month = upto 3.6Mbps

If you are interested or if you have any further questions, please contact me at this number 0128770199. If you wish to purchase any of the packs, we can meet up anywhere convenient for you and registration can be done on the spot within minutes providing a copy of your IC.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a nice day! :smiley: