Popin Cooking sushi set rm30 for mirian

[size=150]Sushi Making Set [/size]


RM30 for mirian!!
cod at miri,sarawak area only

RM30 for mirian!! =D

can we eat? is the shusi made by chemical reaction? so weired! :shock: i tot is only sell in japan :smiley:

hi yes it is eat able because all the powder is sugar powder =) i get my stock from sg~

but i can’t buy… srry

Good luck with ur sale XD

iDoes it even taste anything like the real thing? :smiley:

nope xD taste like jelly candy~

expensive but really really cool !

hehe wanna buy a set for try? :stuck_out_tongue:

well if buy 1 free 1 i dnt mind buying :stuck_out_tongue: