Poor Teaching Quality in schools nowadays!

To start with, the education department has done a great restructuring on the education system by converting the important subjects like science and math into the English base programme. However, we are just running out of quality teachers who can effectively conduct the teaching in English. Tuition has become the solutions for most of the parents, in short term, the students tend to improve. But looking into the long term result, some tuition centres just want to earn $$$$$ and come out with “ALL Subjects” class. To be more direct towards this situation, what can a child learn in such a hectic day activities? On top, why choose ALL Subjects?

i just dont understand why our gov do that… at the end of the day when our kids go to work later, they wont use BM…my father used to comment that local grad are usually have very low standard of English, they cant even hold a proper conversation …CGPA 3.7 and above or some even 4 but they only can do it at their very best in Malay…Malaysia wants to put itself in the eyes of the world but they are holding the future generation back ,for those menteri lainlah coz their kids all go to oversea to study…they are only thinking of the result that they get now, but in the future those kids need English…

Do our education nowadays are based on knowledge gain where students actually enjoying and applying what they learn and have the creativity and the hunger to learn and explore knowledge or just simply getting as many A’s as possible and studying ‘how to pass an exam’?

Actually it’s quite simple…This is based on my generation of peers…Majority of those excellent or good students dont opt for teaching in the future and rather go for engineering and medical etc…Left those average students who went to maktab to become teacher, when their 1119 in SPM wasnt really good…For me those with at least B3 in 1119 should only be chosen to teach English, but then again it will cause shortages in English teachers,so…what to do :?

in chinese term say (same people but different life). Just get more extra knwledge by ourself tru animal planet, national geographic, discovery channel and everywhr we can. Tuition for whl day and 7 days a week did thy get no. 1 in class? The answer is no. Most of the parents kiasu in kids result. So tuition centre very happy to welcome kiasu parents thts y getting lots of tuition centre.

Not only are parent nowadays ‘kiasu’, they are also ‘maisu’…face…muka syndrome. Ever notice its the parent that are comparing their children’s result?

Parents will always be parents dear…They always want the best for their kids but along the way they will become selfish and want to show off their kids results to others…thats y you see the advert last time…remember the " my son got …As" by TMnet if im not mistaken…when the last datin said her son got 10 A’s , all mouth dropped…heheheh.go round a table oo just mentioning their kids result…

Totally agree as I’m also one of the victim…

It’s just a result…[my situation] I also dunno why they like to compare so much. And even if me like getting position like 7th, they still want more like 1st…I mean like WTF? 7th still not good arr??? Students getting position in Top-10 are like on top of the world already…they still complain not enough… :evil:

I also dunno what are they thinking in their brains…Most of the students now like me will experience this situation very often…that’s why you can see in class, there’s always students competing each other to get the best result especially those at A class students…I think this is a little bit off-topic

And ya, I think the School teaching now is really really seriously poor. I did faced a situation where a teacher refused to changed a test paper’s answer although WE already showed the proof that it’s TOTALLY wrong with this answer and correct with THAT answer…She just ignored us until the bell rang and then went out of the class. Is that a CORRECT attitude to be shown by a teacher?! And in project, she didnt even explained to us how to do…she just simply go through, leaving us all doing it blindly by ourselves…Once again WTF…

the teaching quality has gone from Understanding to Memorising(Which is sometimes a bad idea).

the english based program is a good move but the program fail to produce *qualified english teacher. and surprisingly, there are some teachers out there (be it teaching at primary/secondary school level) cant teach well the subjects in the class but provide tuition in these english based subjects outside the school.

*qualified=not only well verse in written & oral but also able to deliver it to the students in a manner where it is easily understood in the class.

sometime i wonder whether its fair for us to put the blame on the system or the teacher. :?:

luckily im not from “THAT” generation…

no need to go to class…
sleep in classroom, study during tuition
then scored in examz!!


The problem is there are too many subjects in SPM.
Why are we studying all subjects? By that time you should only be focusing on the subjects that is relevant to what you want to do in the future.
Meaning after PMR, students should then know where their strength lies and focus on those subjects only. Just like O-level (do all subjects) and A-level (do only 4 chosen subjects).
I just think having too many “advanced” subjects in SPM burden the students. We don’t need to know it all.
A-level’s minimum requirement is only 4 subjects. You can do more if you want, but they will let you know whether you shud do more depending on you capability.

Very true, 100% support the comment. The oversea graduates are somehow better in work, not to include their educational performances. In addition, the Menteri2 kids are not going to complete their study in Malaysia because they know very well that the standards are constantly scaled down to meet the bell-shape statistics of the students…very very bad decision!

there are some teachers out there (be it teaching at primary/secondary school level) cant teach well the subjects in the class but provide tuition in these english based subjects outside the school.
*qualified=not only well verse in written & oral but also able to deliver it to the students in a manner where it is easily understood in the class.

sometime i wonder whether its fair for us to put the blame on the system or the teacher. :?:[/quote]

Personally, the question would be whether it is fair to the students or not. I would want the teachers to teach well in the school, if he or she would like to carry out tutoring for the students, then by all means do it well too. But, if this teacher did not teach well in school with the purpose of wanting the students to attend his or her tutoring classes…only for money they do the work…what about government pay cheque? That is money too, it is also tax payers money. Not forgetting the tax payers send their children to government school. Cycle of life…

I like this quote Eugene, it has been like that for decades…even my time, we were taught to memorise prior to understand the concept and ideology. Only when i have attended my college, the Canadian lecturers taught so differently that I have somehow forgotten i am no longer in secondary school. As compare to those who have been in the overseas study environment, i was the least outspoken person in the class. I am sure you know why…our asian teaching is no asking just listen! Very bad!

the study environment is not interesting … our educational system itself fail …

study environment not interesting doesnt mean educational system fail. your school fail! lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

in fact fail… I really hope my son wont go to like that kind of study environment . They didn’t make kid like to go to the school … now a days kid seems like being force to go to school …

Ohh poor thing, i do pity them especially they are carrying the bags which are bigger than their small body…what to do, we parents would have to play a very important role in making the study fun. Which means parents have to arrange the balance of sports and study, they really need the balance nowadays, even though most of the time they too need help in their homework. Really poor thing, i am having a 2 year old and already start to worry which school i should send her to. Just do not want her to get tired in learning and having fun at the school concurrently.

Can our education with the current style of education produce this kind of student?

Teenager invents 23 solar panel that could be solution to developing world’s energy needs … made from human hair

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:06 PM on 08th September 2009

A new type of solar panel using human hair could provide the world with cheap, green electricity, believes its teenage inventor.

Milan Karki, 18, who comes from a village in rural Nepal, believes he has found the solution to the developing world’s energy needs.

The young inventor says hair is easy to use as a conductor in solar panels and could revolutionise renewable energy.

Milan Karki

Hair-raising: Science student Milan Karki with his innovative solar panel made with human hair while a friend holds a light bulb above his head

‘First I wanted to provide electricity for my home, then my village. Now I am thinking for the whole world,’ said Milan, who attends school in the capital, Kathmandu.

The hair replaces silicon, a pricey component typically used in solar panels, and means the panels can be produced at a low cost for those with no access to power, he explained.

In Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, many rural areas lack access to electricity and even in areas connected to power lines, users face shortages of up to 16 hours a day.

Milan and four classmates initially made the solar panel as an experiment but the teens are convinced it has wide applicability and commercial viability.
Milan Karki

Close shave: Milan (second from right) demonstrates his solar panel in a tiny barber shop in Kathmandu

‘I’m trying to produce commercially and distribute to the districts. We’ve already sent a couple out to the districts to test for feasibility,’ he said.

The solar panel, which produces 9 V (18 W) of energy, costs around 23 to make from raw materials.

But if they were mass-produced, Milan says they could be sold for less than half that price, which could make them a quarter of the price of those already on the market.

Melanin, a pigment that gives hair its colour, is light sensitive and also acts as a type of conductor. Because hair is far cheaper than silicon the appliance is less costly.
solar panel

Hair today: A detailed shot shows the human hair used as an alternative to silicon

The solar panel can charge a mobile phone or a pack of batteries capable of providing light all evening.

Milan began his quest to create electricity when he was a boy living in Khotang, a remote district of Nepal completely unconnected to electricity. According to him, villagers were skeptical of his invention at first.

‘They believe in superstitions, they don’t believe in science. But now they believe,’ he said.
Milan Karki

Cost effective: The solar-hair panel is estimated to be four times cheaper than an industrial made solar panel of comparable capacity

He first tried to use water currents hydro power on a small scale, but said the experiment became too expensive.

‘I searched for new, other renewable, affordable sources. People in these places are living the life of the stone age even in the 21st century,’ he said.

Milan, whose hero is the inventor Thomas Eddison, describes himself as lucky because his family could afford for him to receive a proper education while many other villagers are forced to work from an early age. Most of those from his village are illiterate.

He was originally inspired after reading a book by physicist Stephen Hawking, which discussed ways of creating static energy from hair.
Milan Karki

It’s got the power: A digital multimeter shows the voltage generated by the innovative panel

‘I realised that Melanin was one of the factors in conversion of energy,’ he said.

Half a kilo of hair can be bought for only 16p in Nepal and lasts a few months, whereas a pack of batteries would cost 50p and last a few nights.

People can replace the hair easily themselves, says Milan, meaning his solar panels need little servicing.

Three years after first coming up with the idea, Milan says the idea is more important than ever because of the crucial need for renewable energies in the face of finite power sources and global warming.

'Slowly, natural resources are degrading so it is necessary to think about the future," he said.

'One day we will be in a great crisis regarding this fuel so it is a good thing to do today.

‘This is an easy solution for the crisis we are having today. We have begun the long walk to save the planet.’