Polycarbonate sheets for roofing - where to find?

Hi there, I’m planning to do a pergola + polycarbonate roof DIY project, but I’m having trouble finding polycarbonate sheets in Miri ( those usually green or black plastic roof used for awnings). The hardware shops don’t sell them, the awnings shop say it’s for their own use only. Anyone can help with some contacts for suppliers in Miri? Thanks

but it will grow dark spot after certain period right? Is that because of our weather or due to quality issue?

Have you tried Hong Long Aluminium?

I think it’s because of the weather, wet n humid, causing mold to grow on it after a few years. Can easily be cleaned, and that’s why I’m choosing dark grey colour also so that it won’t be so obvious.

Tried them. They don’t sell the polycarbonate sheets only because they say it’s for their own use. Means if u ask them to do the entire awning then no prob

SH Sing Huat Hardware shop got sale located at Senadin 085-491288 for more detail pls call them to assist you.

Thanks coolman! Will give them a call tomorrow

try green surf hardware…maybe they are selling

Home depot, menards, lowes or any lumber yard