Police monitoring social media

The CID personnel are seen signing their attendance upon arrival at Miri

The CID personnel are seen signing their attendance upon arrival at Miri Airport.

Dev Kumar (standing right) and Stanley (standing third right) are seen welcoming the group’s arrival.

MIRI: The police are monitoring the social media for undesirable postings during this 11th state election period.

“We are monitoring all postings in social media such as Facebook and blogs…and this includes ‘ceramah’ (talks during election campaigns by political parties),” said SAC Dev Kumar, the state Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief, when met by the media at Miri Airport yesterday morning.

He was here to welcome 253 CID personnel from Peninsular Malaysia who arrived at Miri Airport at 10.50am yesterday.

Also present was Miri deputy police chief Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit.

The police personnel will assist the existing force to ensure peace and order during the coming state election period.

“This group is the second batch, as the first has arrived in Kuching on April 18…and they (the second batch) would be deployed in various districts in the northern region (Miri, Bintulu, Lawas and Limbang),” explained Dev Kumar.

He further said 1,162 CID personnel including 555 from Peninsular Malaysia would be deployed throughout the state during the election period.

“For this coming state election we believe it will be a smooth (election) process, however, we are always geared up in preventing any untoward event,” he assured.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/04/21/police-monitoring-social-media/

I don’t understand why the CIDs from malaya have got to come here to monitor social media during the election. We are supposed to live in a free speech democratic country. The ones that these CIDs have to look out for are BN people and not the rest of us. You know how many times power blackout happened during vote counting and suddenly BN won. You know BN can do whatever they like, they handle the rakyat’s money and use them without much transparency.
I wonder what the real reason for them being here is?
I want change and I’m not afraid of them.