Police Line at Luak Esplanade

Was at Luak Esplanade this late evening after attending a wedding reception party. Wonder why half of the place is secured with the Police’s “Do Not Cross” line?


what happened? murder scene?

Maybe it is somekind of promotional advertisement. lolz :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Police line tape surplus. So they might as well use it up, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

More serious update: Heard they were using the beach for conducting training. It does tally well with all the whirlybirds buzzing around the camp yesterday morning.

For training eh?

Just recalled one thing - is RakanCop still being promoted & supported?

i think they use this place for training purpose for the new troops called Tiger Platoon… some sort of new special task force form in Sarawak…

perasmian platoon tiger in sarawak…what is platoon tiger?i oso dunno…we need more patrol car for police 24/7 patrolling not platoon tiger…the helicopters hovering very low at the place…saja nak show off…

These are the people that will be trained to drop in from helicopters (they have a special unmarked heli painted black) that will drop in on your house and arrest you in 15 seconds flat when people make insulting comments on your blog… :stuck_out_tongue:

to make u ppls get attention only. thats mean they got working all the time…heheheee…

hum… don’t know why, but the images of the scene in Minority Report come to my mind… cop drop in, arrest, pull out… ~scary!

minority report, that’s cute. haha