Police hunt for man who assaults lone women

19 Dec 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have warned women who walk or ride a motorcycle alone to be on the lookout for this man (picture). He is said to ride around in the city on a motorcycle, assaulting lone women.

Police said he attacks from behind, knocking them down using stones, glass bottles or a stick. He then rides off as if nothing happened.

They said he struck six times on Dec 3 and once on Dec 5. The attacks took place in Jinjang, Kepong and Sentul, usually between 8.30am and 12.30pm.

Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner K. Kumaran said police cannot see any motive for the attacks.

“He doesnt rob them. He just likes to hit them and watch them fall.”

After one of his vicitms gave a detailed description, police identified the suspect as Ramachandran a/l Subramaniam. He was arrested in Sentul in 2002 for a similar offence.

He was nearly caught on Sunday at Taman Rainbow, said Kumaran. But after a scuffle with a policeman and a City Hall officer, he took off on the City Hall mans motorbike.

Ramachandrans identity card number is 691007-10-5207. His last known address is 57, Blok 7, Rumah Panjang, Jinjang Utara.

Anyone with information can contact Kumaran at 019-6000289, or CID chief DSP Tan Yan Thian at 012-5182529.

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Adeehhh sakit mental org ni… :smiley:

Strange Impulsive psychotic problem…Funny world :roll: :roll:

that is indeed weird…Could be a relationship problem that went into a bad mess…

Macam2 ada…

herm…maybe he got brain prob…or just loved to hit people and act like nothing happen…