Please recommend tire service shop in Miri...... Many thanks

May I ask some help from Miri expert here?

Could you please recommend reliable tire service shop in Miri? The reasonable price one would be fine.

Thanks for your kindness. :slight_smile:

Try Capital Tyre in front of the AmWay building at Ricemill Road near the Imperial Mall.

if changing/swaping tires. all are the same, just make sure you’re standing beside them when they are doing it. and constanly remind them to be careful of you’re make them pay for the damage. then only will you leave with unscratch rims

try Big Wheel…seek for a man name Ah Ti…he’s the tauke son…price is reasonable tho…

If they are using pneumatic nut remover/fixer, remind them not to make it too tight or you may end up not being able to remove the nuts in emergency.