Platenson Spirulina

Hi guys,

Platenson Spirulina is actually 100% alkaline food from CYANOTECH HAWAII U.S.A

It is highly nutritious & can easily be absorbed by the human digestive system

Has 5 main nutrients- Minerals, Vitamins, Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein

Has 4 natural pigments- Beta Carotene(Anti cancer), Chlorophyll(Detoxification & enhance the immune system), Xantophyll(Anti cancer) & Phycocyanin(Inhibits the growth of cancer cells)


1994 Russia announced spirulina as an anti-radioactive agent

Cancer research institute, USA: Sulfolipids give positive results for the control of HIV virus

More than 20 thousand Japanese doctors recommended spirulina as a food supplement to their patients

Why choose Platenson Spirulina?

Pollution-free environment

Pollution-free water sources

Mineral dense sea water (taken beneath 2000 feet sea water)

Chemical free

Clean environment

Suitable for: children, acne, busy & stressful lifestyle, pregnant woman/after delivery, gastric/stomach ulcer, chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, constipatios & piles, blood circulation system

do we need to take 15 tablets a day?!!


it’s not a must but a suggested dosage…
the tablets are small enough to be consumed one time, no choking problems, i’ve tried it :slight_smile:

tak kenyang lah…anway it smells like fish pallets (fish food)