Plastic Taste on Kettle/Boiler Issue

i recently bought an electric boiler for preparing 3in1 beverages and of course for instant noodle as well. during first use and so on, i realized the water tastes like plastic. btw the taste degrades upon several usage. do u guys have any idea to get rid of this plastic taste? im not intended to buy iron kettle since i cant use gas cooker in room.

Even my plastic hot/cold water dispenser produce strong smell/taste the first month… Now not really…

I think the plastic smell takes time to degrade… Imagine the chemical(s) we drink from the plastic?

what brand did you buy?

that is very bad for you! (cancer)
did you swallow the water?

that’s what im worried of. the chemical may lead to health issue. ive used the boiler around 10times without drinking the water, just to degrade the plastic taste. … 801AAhyHXO

faber. as in the picture. other brand like fujia, and many more china brand which costs rm20 only. but i didnt buy them.

maybe you can get a stainless steel eletric kettle instead? found some more dicussion online about it

Scale is mainly calcium carbonate (chalk), a harmless, naturally occurring mineral found in most water supplies. Hard water contains more minerals than soft water. When the water is boiled the minerals solidify. Scale deposits will form a hard crust on the walls and base of your kettle.

This can be resolved by the following methods:

a. squeeze a lemon in the water and boil.

b. you can also use citric acid (McKenzies) from your local supermarket and use about 2 teaspoons along with water and boil. Let the kettle cool down and the rinse with fresh water. We find the lemon or citric acid more effective now.

NKHero: no i didnt drink the water until now.

rabbitx: a very good link u have there. thanks bro. will try to use vinegar. :smiley:

lemon sounds good. maybe can try buy at supermarkets and squeeze them with water in the boiler.

Hope it work. Don’t want you to be mutant into a plastic guy.

no i dont want to be a mutant. i just want to enjoy my 3in1 horlicks and indomie noodle in a healthier way. :lol:

Now, that’s funny. :mrgreen:

so what is the verdict? still plastic taste?

havent go shop yet, but last nite i tried boil few times the taste decreasing. will buy lemons this evening and update here after experimenting. :smiley:

maybe is because is a new item you just bought.mostly items that we bought have weird taste and so on.but in a long run it is gone.

i have done the experiment.

with lemon squeeze


[size=150]RESULT: my drinks tastes like a lemon juice. but i like it. haha. the taste degrades after few boils and no more plastic smell or taste.[/size]

Thanks guys for the helpful hands. :mrgreen:

hahahaha … google helps again …

usually…i didnt use/drink the first time boiled water in new water boiler. after the second or third water change, then i feel safe to consume.

i consume the water after 7th boil sis. that’s when im sure it’s safe enough. :mrgreen: