Planting Mulberry

Anyone willing to share mulberry plant cutting for free? :blush: :blush:

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I just trimmed my mulberry plants last week and have destroyed the cut branches. The next time they are trimmed I will put a note here which maybe 4 months.


Hi, thank you! waiting for that :grinning: :blush:

how long do u actually waiting for the fruit to bear?

As soon as the branches are trimmed the fruits come out surprisingly fast. The fruits take 2 months or so to ripe. Thus it is advisable to prune the branches as soon as the fruiting is over so that the break for the next fruiting season is short. This is my first experience in this plant.

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Let’s share a picture of the lovely mulberries.


Sharmine just come to my house. But you have to trim it by yourself… Sorry i’m not a good land worker. Personally never success in planting any tree… :cry:


where is ur house?
sorry for the late reply, i just read my email :confounded:

nice one!
is it sweet?

thanks for the sharing win :smile:

The fruit is sweet when very very ripe nearing black in color. It is quite sour if just reddish in color. I believe there is certain bird feeding on this fruit but not sure if there is any other pest. It is disappointing when the really sweet ones are being attacked/picked.

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Yes, i feel u win… it is so disappointing moment for me when some pest attacking my one n only wild strawberry fruit …as im waiting for days until it is ripe enough to eat :cry:

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tok aq la… Ammar… you know my hous la… :grin:

Pergh…amar… ya baru nama…
Serious… ku x kenal ko…

:sweat_smile: saja mok glamour… :joy: :joy: :joy:

I have no experience with mulberry bushes but I would love to have one as well as many other plants in a large garden some day :smile:

Dear Britanica,

U may pm winwin. ^.^

I believe she lives in the US dear.