Place to change currency

Any one knows where is the best place to foreign change currency to ringgit with the actual rate in Miri?


go to those money changer…parkson got one…
dun go bank


[quote=“lace”]go to those money changer…parkson got one…
dun go bank[/quote]

I go to Parkson one too. Banks can be accurate but if not the right time, then your currency value is lower.

Hi, here are some more money changer located in miri city.

Chin Lian : 085-424228 - Mega Hotel
Hotel No. 7 : 085-413233 - Old market
Chin Guan : 085-423629 - Old market
Asia Gangsa : 085-428520 - Imperial Hotel
Profit Achievers : 085-423331 - Near Open Air Market

Fyi, normally those money changer in shopping malls(eg. parkson, imperial, boulevard) will not give u a better rate than those in shophouses cos their rental is higher. Currently, i always go to hotel no. 7 to change B$ (look for guy boss to nego price, if lady, susah sikit).
Profit Achievers is good last time, but now they are very hard to nego liao. :smiley:

for me i prefer going to Hotel No. 7, they open till the latest, around 9pm sometime and giving the best rate around town.

Boulevard also got money changer.