PKR S’wak election: No contest in 13 divisions, 3 other divisional chairmen returned uncontested

Jeffery Mok (right) are among party members who submitted their nomination papers over the last Saturday. Mok won the contest for PKR Stampin youth chief uncontested.

See Xiang Hong (right) are among the party members who submitted their nomination papers over the last Saturday. He also won the contest for PKR Stampin deputy youth chief uncontested.

KUCHING: The party election in Parti Keadilan (PKR) Sarawak saw no contest in 13 divisions while three other divisional chairmen were returned uncontested.

PKR Sarawak chairman Baru Bian in a statement today, revealed that PKR Sarawak has completed its process of nomination for election of office bearers for all its 29 divisions smoothly, over the last weekend.

For the election at the divisional level, Baru said all the members in each division were eligible to contest the posts of chairman, deputy chairman, vice chairman, together with 15 slots of committee member.

The positions for women section and youth wing were opened for nominations and contest, he added.

According to him, the nominations were carried out in three centres in Kuching, Sibu and Miri last Saturday.

“When the nominations were closed at 5pm, there was no contest for 13 divisions, namely: Mas Gading, Kuching, Stampin, Mambong (now Puncak Borneo), Serian, Batang Sadong, Batang Lupar, Saratok, Selangau, Mukah, Bintulu, Limbang and Lawas.

“In three other divisions: Miri, Sibuti and Baram, there will be contest in a few positions, but the existing divisional chairman for these divisions who are re-nominated, were returned unopposed,” said Baru, who is Selangau MP and Ba Kelalan assemblyman.

He also disclosed that there will be contest for the positions of chairman and numerous other posts in 13 divisions: Santubong, Petra Jaya, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Betong, Julau, Sarikei, Kanowit, Sibu, Lanang, Kapit and Hulu Rajang.

Baru explained that there will be a period of time for verification on the eligibility of the members taking part in the election and the voting has been scheduled on Oct 6.

“From the results of the nomination which has returned 16 divisional chairmen uncontested, it shows the confidence of the membership towards the state leadership.

“It augurs well for PKR Sarawak as we have started our preparation for the coming Sarawak state election. With the mandate of the majority of the membership, we can and are going ahead with our scheduled preparation.”

On a related matter, Baru expressed his support for PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) to lead the party as its president after the impending party election in November.

“DSAI has declared that he will contest for the party presidency, and rightly so. PKR was born from his strong stand against injustice and the party has grown stronger with the continuing leadership and the BN’s oppression against DSAI. He was denied the chance to contest in the elections and prevented from leading the party which he founded.

“Now that Pakatan Harapan, of which PKR is a coalition partner, is the federal government and DSAI has been fully pardoned, it is only right that he should be given the backing to helm the party he founded. We support DSAI to be the next president of PKR so that the party may grow in strength and unity.”