PKR hopeful leaves it to leadership to decide candidacy

MIRI: Parti Keadilan Rakyat potential candidate for Mulu, Paul Baya, is leaving it to the top leadership to decide if he is to contest in the May 7 election as negotiation between PKR and DAP on seat allocation is on-going.

When met yesterday, Paul said he was leaving it to the top leaders of both parties to decide who to stand in Mulu.

PKR is vying to contest in 40 seats in the May 7 election and as of yesterday, the party has only finalised 35 candidates.

The remaining five seats, including Mulu, are still unresolved due to overlapping claims by PKR and DAP.

“The negotiation could last until the nomination day,” Paul said when asked about his preparation for the election.

He said he had bought a nomination form in Marudi earlier in the week and he, together with a few others, would stay put in Marudi until nomination day to await the final decision (on seat negotiation).

Asked about his chances of winning Mulu if he were picked, Paul said he left it to the wisdom of the voters.

“We have carried out all the ground work and reached out to all our supporters in the constituency. Whether they will vote for me or not, I leave it to them to decide,” he said.

Mulu is one of 11 new seats created following the re-delineation of state constituencies.

It has 8,627 voters with Kenyahs forming the majority with about 2,700 voters. The Ibans from Poyut/Lubok Nibong are the second highest voters with about 2,000 voters, the Kelabits (1,200) and other groups – Berawan, Tering and Kiput (1,500). Penans and Kayans make up the rest.