Ping Pong Shop

Can someone tell me whr to buy a good ping pong bat,ping pong ball, and a ping pong spray.Plz tell me the location and the shop name… thx :smiley:

If i apply rubbing alcohol to a ping pong paddle will it eat away at the rubber? I want to sterylize a ping pong paddle(dont ask why) and i was wondering if rubbing alcohol would be the best route. Anyone have a better suggestion?

market samurai ~ [url=]marketsamurai ~ [url=]

go to Table Tennis Association there and buy lo…but your dompet need to be quite thick la…I dont really know where the location it is but it’s somewhere at Krokop there I think…Maybe you can drive till Krokop then ask for direction?

How much does the Table usually cost?

No idea wor…never been there b4…but my friends always buy his bat or whatsoever accessories there…

Another location is at 1st floor Imperial Mall.
As for the Ping Pong bat, I recommend you to use Butterfly “brand”. :slight_smile:

How much does the Table usually cost?[/quote]

Last time i buy 1 ping pong table at imperial…cost rm 800+++ the name is alpha sports…i buy my paddle and the rubber spray ledi, quite expensive, paddle rm 98, rubber spray rm 50…