Piasau residents want misused 3R recycling centre demolished

MIRI: The Piasau Jaya Phase II Neighbourhood Committee is calling on the Miri City Council (MCC) to demolish the misused 3R recycling centre near the shoplots there.

Committee chairman Samion Gani said there was a fire at the recycling centre last year and more and more rubbish has been dumped there since then.

Im appealing to MCC to demolish the centre, which serves only as a rubbish dump now, he said yesterday. According to Samion, the issue has been raised with the relevant authorities but no action has been taken yet.

He said residents fear the centre would become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. When contacted, an MCC complaints centre spokesperson said the council would look into the matter immediately.

She said the rubbish issue would be referred to the public cleanliness and maintenance section, while the recycling centre itself would be referred to the Local Agenda (LA) 21 committee for further action.