Piano tutor~

does anyone know any music school looking for piano tutor~~???

are u a piano teacher as well? if yes, i have contact for schools need teacher. pls PM me… thanks

missy-sasa, please call Sonata music academy - 085-435151 (Mdm Wong). We are newly open Music academy. Give a try la… good luck… and by the way… what is your qualification??

Off-topic : What’s the youngest age that music schools here in Miri will accept as students? Any toddler/pre-school music appreciation/exposure programs here?

3 year old the youngest as my wife got one a few… but that is not very recommended because too young… most recommended is they need to know how to write 1 to 10 and A to E la… so they can learn easily

unless he is a genius, haha

Well… what I’m looking for is just a program that will simply introduce my sons to music appreciation, etc. The theory, technical and practical stuff can come later.

Just out of curiousity, is Musique Gallerie still in business anyone know?