Photos: Miri International Food Festival 2007

Anyone else took photos that day? According to that postcard, the event should last the whole month, so there’s plenty of time to go.

Just don’t expect good parking (or even good road access for that matter).

More images here, but be warned mine isn’t so good.

Ian… i check out the your site liaw la… wat do u personally think of the fair?

from what i see… its just like those in seberkas ler… just that they move to Boulevard and have more deco… :roll:

Yeah something like that - with a live concert and stage too… and more traffic jams.

thanks for sharing ian :smiley:

i was there and i only manage to buy some “keropok lekor” and a bowl of “Johor’s Noodles” :?

anyway,it’s good to have more event like this.At least they will improve from what they have done,a good start means 1/2 success,hehehe

Thanks my4to. Btw, they’re not the same thing. The one in Boulevard is Jom Makan Makan, while the food festival is at hotels, as stated in my blog.