Photos by Elvis [Fook & Tze Wedding]

Truly Breathtaking view…

i wish i could live there…

thanks for the compliment, Athrun_zala_faith

[quote=“beingelvish”]Lake Tekapo In New Zealand, simply a beautiful and peaceful place.



what an inspiration. upload more photo! :smiley:

what an inspiration. upload more photo! :D[/quote][/quote]

Thank you for the appreciation. I shall load more soon for sharing. :smiley:

Final & last couple of shots from New Zealand.

Milford Sound is situated in the south west of New Zealand’s South Island. It is one of the top travel destination in New Zealand and perhaps in the world too. Sadly, the weather was terrible for photography that day, I was very disappointed since I have came such a long way to see the place. Anyway, I was lucky to be able to visit this place in such a weather because the road were closed for 1 week due to avalanche. If it had been closed for more days, I would have missed this place on my 1st trip to New Zealand. So, I couldn’t complain much. This is Milford Sound (Mitre Peaks is the 2nd peak from the left) :
[center]#14 Milford Sound

#15 Mitre Peak of Milford Sound

#16 a little HDR

#17 Rays[/center]

#16 really nice, composition angle, somemore little Hdr… if taking wedding photography there should be perfect, :slight_smile:

FYI, Elvish takes superb wedding photo… (elvish, teh-o-peng satu! :mrgreen: )

And i agreed with the rest. Those are good photos… thanks for sharing!

#16 is just EXCELLENT …( satu lagi teh-o-peng ) hahaha

Rafaello, yeah… would be nice to take some fine art wedding shots there… actually most part of New Zealand is very scenic.

Pete & My4to, sure sure teh-o-peng, teh-c-peng, any-peng also can… haha… would be great to join you in the next outing.

No worries Elvis, you’re owest welcome. haha. Another photog, an extra knowledge to share… :slight_smile:

Thanks Pete.

OK… going to shift a gear now (away from travel photos) and share a wedding dinner coverage that I did 2 weeks ago at Boulevard restaurant. C&C are welcome. During the couple entrance, the lights were dimmed to the lowest level but the spotlight WASN’T ON. It was a nervous moment for me because it’s hard to focus & shoot when it’s so dim. Kinda lucky to still caught a moment like this :

During the dinner, this little girl caught my attention… it just show that no matter how simple a celebration is, there’s always surprises & joy.[/center]

i love the 1st pic,very well captured,great moment :slight_smile:

Thanks my4to !!!


seems to strike us

when we are least prepared

more here :
but i would like to share some lovely moment and lovely people of the day in this forum too…[/center]

elvis,u captured the great moment,very nice indeed.

i love the second picture that has lots of cow , i dont care about the cows, but the grass …o dang !

thanks my4to for your compliment and support :slight_smile:

ah… you mean the farm picture in the 1st page… the green green grass really smell nice :slight_smile:

the NZ pics are really beautiful… u making me really wanna do working holiday in NZ… erh!!
Good Job!

[quote=“chozy”]the NZ pics are really beautiful… u making me really wanna do working holiday in NZ… erh!!
Good Job![/quote]

thanks :slight_smile: