Photography With My Nokia N95 8GB

Just want to share some photos taken with my Nokia N95 8GB( Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar 2.8/5.6 Autofocus 5 Mpixels)
Taken using the Closeup Mode(Macro)
Taken using default automatic mode

Please do comment ^^… Will be taking more pictures soon and will upload when im free.

[attachment=0]24012009-001.jpg[/attachment] :arrow: using nokia 5700 express music

[attachment=0]18112008(001).jpg[/attachment] :arrow: using nokia 5700 express music

i like this one. looks great in B&W :slight_smile:

btw… why did this person post this on my thread? hmm compare with mine? hehehe

fuuuyoo! nice!!!

how much is N95 in your country ?? It’s a little expencive in China.