Photography: Reflection Pictures

“Photographing your subject as a reflection is an excellent way to add tension and instantly create interesting composition in your photograph. Try water reflection pictures or mirror reflection photos”


[attachment=3]DSC04487.JPG[/attachment][attachment=2]DSC04482 copy.jpg[/attachment]

Photoshoped:[attachment=1]DSC04466 copy copy.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]DSC04462 copy.jpg[/attachment]

What’s yours?

C&C are welcome.

was it photoshopped?

why need to photoshop?

Hmmm maybe coz I wanna see how it looks like. Once done, I accidentally saved it on the original photo itself, therefore making no original copy. Yeay, dumb :=p

why need to photoshop?[/quote]

seen my friend do that before from photoshop, that’s why i am asking.

no need photoshop one,… just a piece of glass (see through, large enough to frame ur subject) and a large piece of paper color of ur choice (most ppl use white or black)

nice …

nice… can photoshop one meh how teach us

On a kelisa rooftop…