Photography advice please!

I just joined photography club, have to take this kind of black and white human photo: Do you think its difficult? I dunno how to do so with my old digital cameraanyone can post a similar photo here to me :stuck_out_tongue: pls…

use adobe photoshop. u can do anything with it

just convert to black and white.

Try and do one urself and let sifus who always hanging around here give you hints.

yeah it’s so easy… by d way, those girls in the picture are ur college people? Ur college got so high quality one? envy u

I dunno la, but the people in my college r friendly. and I like my lecturers, their teaching is not like the college I studied before, simply teach and let us study ourselves, lecturers in Inti r more experienced and make sure we really understand what they teach us in class la… anyway, anyone can help me with the photo? thx dcarroll_88 & dasolve for ur photography advice, but if anyone can post a similar photo to me i’d much appreciated, thx la…

Hey, taking photography class?
take a pic, upload to ps, the press ctrl+u
pull saturation to -100, becomes black and white dy.
the rest u adjust yourself

check my blog out. theres a semi black and white photo in there. its wonderfull what u can do with photoshop. have a wild guess what camera im using and ull be surprised. … uette.html

haha thanks so much dcarroll_88, though the person is too small, but i think it’s ok la haha… i can’t tel what d camera la, but it shld b digital rite? lumix?
thx cIvIc_noob for ur tips :slight_smile:

i think the software given by the camera itself can produce black and white effect too…

Inti at SS15 - 5mins walk from office… ^^

btw, u can also adjust it from the camera that ur using. provided its digital… :mrgreen: