Photobooth service rental in miri!

We are Insta-inspired self operated photobooth for hire, first in Miri ! Email us for details at . Whatsapp/SMS : 016-8500221

Q & A’s

Q: Instabooth ? What is that, how is it different from others ?
A: Instabooth derives from being inspired by the Instagram look that comes with a photo booth package. The usual photo booth requires a photographer, in our case “you” are both model and photographer. The usual photo booth can be immediately deserted due to no fun factor, in our case the instabooth is the fun factor. The usual photo booth is often left unattended with guest just wondering what’s up with the backdrop, in our case we have a working attendant sharing the fun of instabooth to ensure a fun time and good vibes shared around during and after your event.

Q: Hmm…Interesting. What equipment do you use?
A: We use only Photo Lab grade equipment. A mini Dye Sub Photo Printer plus a Canon Professional Grade DSLR Camera.

Q: Is equipment set up and take down included?
A: Yes setup and take down are included with all packages.

Q: Is there a host/ technician included?
A: Yes, usually a single or 2 friendly hosts / technicians will accompany the guests and attending the booth through the entire hour(s) session.

Q: What do I need to provide?
A: Indoors: An electrical outlet with and space to set up the photo booth (5 ft width x 5 ft length x 7 ft tall), a small table for the printer
Outdoors: A tent or protection against wind/rain with hard, level ground (to set up the photo booth and table inside) and an electrical outlet , a small table for the printer and props.

Q: What about booking? You require a deposit?
A: Yes, to block a slot usually we do need it. 50% of your payment is due to book us for any event.

Q: Will the deposit be refundable?
A: Your deposit is fully refundable 60 days or more prior to event. If you need to cancel within 60 days of your event, we will do our best to reschedule the booking for you.

Q: When is full payment due?
A: Full payment is required 7 days before the event.

Q: Can you provide a custom label at the bottom of prints?
A: Yes - you can use your own design/logo, or we can make up a design for especially for you.

Q: OK, we’re sold.What can we expect ?
A: Your mind at ease as your photo booth slot is now under our management. Fun and memorable moments are here to stay!