Petronas Newest Fuel 95

Are you prepared to eXperience the Formula One technology in your own car and get the most out of it? Head down to your nearest PETRONAS station TOMORROW from 5.30 8.30 pm and fill up your car with the Formula One technology inspired petrol to get exclusive merchandise from PETRONAS while stocks last! So hurry! For more info please… click here :mrgreen:

Talking about fuel, most of us did not know what the exactly fuel we use daily. Is that really good fuel without knowing something inside.

Primax 95 (Super Unleaded)- Yellow Nozzles.
Primax 97 ( V-power )- Green Nozzles should be Red Nozzles.

For your info we are cheated by our big G. Primax 95 (yellow fuel color) is not Super Unleaded. It is regular class same as regular red color…and Primax 97 is super only.

If you want to know the real Super Unleaded fuel, go to brunei filling up you car fuel there, that is the real Super Unleaded (Green fuel color) just selling Rm2.00 perliter / bnd 0.80 perliter for foreign car.

I’m not to promote Brunei fuel but this is the fact and comparison our fuel in Miri /Msia…Try fuel up your car with Brunei fuel and let see how long you can use and compare our fuel primax 95 which taq as (SUPER UNLEADED).

I got this source from one person who work as Chemical Engineering processing our fuel today. He have been experience working in saudi, brunei and now in our country. Nice info dude… :mrgreen:

Now new fuel xtra…ahahahaha…easy can get rid my money in my pocket.Low class fuel but selling at high price and easy to dry quickly in our car tank…

^ after reading ur 1st sentence i thought u want to share something very important, but then u said something everyone would know :frowning:

petronas want to promote their new fuel. which i doubt has any difference (obviously it’s not using F1 car fuel) but just taking the opportunity to promote since they’re affiliated with mercedes and of course, sepang grand prix

so please explain how is this ‘big G cheating’?

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Wonder how it compares with Shell Fuel Save 95.

that’s better

are the claims true? petronas xtra 95 saves money…

It depends on the addictive components added to the fuel process.

petronas fuel not good…better use shell…

anyone here who work with petronas or shell can confirm this?

i usually pumps at Shell…
but…both were the same for me…

i prefer green .yellow 95 also tipu punya.

anyone here who work with petronas or shell can confirm this?[/quote]

it’s not the people who work there to confirm it, it should be the user to confirm it…

i use shell because shell partner with ferrari . LOL :mrgreen:

all fuel comes out from the same oil refinery.
only they addictive is diff.
so…it`s up to you to choose. it might give a slight diff only.

The guy i mean before is work in Petronas before than move working with Shell. Accroding to him Shell & Petronas is the same fuel quality unless Shell in Brunei. Coz we here in Malaysia fuel control by Petronas…

anyone here who work with petronas or shell can confirm this?[/quote]

it’s not the people who work there to confirm it, it should be the user to confirm it…[/quote]

Check out what BMW drivers had to say about Petronas PRIMAX 95 Xtra! :slight_smile: … Pls share your experience… Thank you

Used on Avanza 1.3 M I no longer hear knocking from the engine.(sometimes theres knocking on Shell Fuelsave95)
Now watching on the mileage see how it compares to Shell Fuelsave 95.

My friend’s Innova 2.0 AT also using this, according to him seems like minimal difference with Shell Vpower 97. Increased mileage too ( little bit lah).

Dunno about you guys, I do get better mileage using Petronas RON95, I can go to Limbang on a return trip without refueling. As for Shell Vpower 97, the mileage is not that good. Just my personal experience using the fuel :slight_smile: