Pet Lover's Survey

Hi all,

I just want to share something that related to animals (pets). Please fill in this survey, No charges and this is not scam. It just survey.


i have done it. btw is it for your coursework?

I’ve completed it too. Opening a new vet clinic?

Btw, I’ve deleted your other 2 duplicate posts.

done. my pet is fish & totis actually.dunno if it helps.

oh ya,i need a company too for my’s abt IT thingy.nothing technical just basic2 stuffs.volunteer any1? pretty plis? wif sugar on top? gving sweetest smile :mrgreen:

little bit like checking up only. How is the miri people awareness regarding animals especially pets.
Thanks for you all that done this survey. Hope it can make Miri become better city for the future.