Pet boarding in miri?

Is there anywhere to board pets (specifically, a cat) in Miri? Rates?

Thanks in advance.


Dr Betty - The shoplot behind pasar krokop

i once board my cat there…

rate… if i’m not mistaken was RM10/night/cat

call them

Dr.Bettie have a good service i think. :smiley:

Bettie enviroment is the best in miri.
but… my friend’ dog was feeded banana the whole week because the dog didnt had appetite
banana is its favourite food… but the digestion… omg

Dr. Hii at the Angel Clinic got very good boarding plus reasonable prices!

for me bettie

Bettie charges RM30 per day and double of that on CNY. Live animal centre charges rm25 per day. And these charges are for a 3 month old kitten. Is that normal Miri rates?

That’s actually very very pricey compared to other states which charges RM13 to RM15 per day and these places are very good in terms of service. Are the steep prices because of the aircond only? I think these places shouldn’t overcharge the public just because there aren’t many places to board pets in Miri.

Luckily I found a nice place with a reasonable price in the end.

i tot this is about pets skateboarding …

Reptiles i can help!! :slight_smile:

Dr. Hii, good boarding, good price!

Hi everyone…since now 2013…do you think the price for pet boarding will increase? I’m new in miri…please advice…thanks!! :slight_smile: