Perodua Viva 660 BX replaces the kancil

The last unit of the Perodua Kancil rolled off Peroduas production line today. It will be replaced from Thursday onwards by a new baseline variant of the Perodua Viva called the Viva 660 BX manual. The following are the specifications (or rather lack of specifications) of the new Perodua Viva 660 BX:

* 660cc DVVT engine 47hp @ 7,200rpm, 58Nm @ 4,400rpm
* No power steering
* No power windows
* No central locking
* No radio
* No reverse sensors
* Unpainted bumpers
* Manual transmission only
* Only available in Ivory White, Ebony Black and Glittering Silver

The cost? RM25,300.00 (Miri price around: 26,642.40) from Thursday onwards. Also watch out for another update on the Perodua Viva later this week called the Perodua Viva Elite.

source: … he-kancil/

Pls come and share your comments on this new viva 660 BX, mirians :lol: thanks.

apu…good news for the modder:P

last time mine was the same spec…only have radio…the rest i dont get it and now it look like in my avatar…hgegegehh…

Still I think it’s a bit overpriced for such a low spec car…

i agree with u…should sell it somewhere 20k or lower…

Did you notice there’s an antenna? Since there’s no radio, I wonder what’s the use of that antenna…

maybe this spec come with a radio? :roll:

if there is a radio, maybe the price will increase to 29k…huhu…

i mean some spec are coming with radio…hmm…if its not,then i dont know why perodua put an antenna.just for display only?

what a dull choices of colour.

antenna for GPS

heheeh :mrgreen:

[quote=“haroldz”]antenna for GPS

heheeh :mrgreen:[/quote]

lol, good point…or, it could be for remote controlling…be sure to ask for the remote control if you happened to buy one… :mrgreen:

i tot thats a flag pole.

The black bumper looks ugly.

with this price, kancil will be very very cheap on it’s used resell value… kancil owner die deep deep…!!!

Do you guys thinks this is a better buy than kancil (if the kancik is a brand new one) ?

better get viva ehh? it has dvvt…kancil using old tech engine

but to fit in L200s,i think its goes more faster than viva…ngehngehngeh:P

But i suggest to take viva,the space is bigger and the engine is greater than a stock kancil…

I see your point, after all viva running on EFI engine with DVVT and has a bigger interior…actually viva not that bad if it wasn’t for the door that give you the impression of the milo tin when u closed it…lol