Performance beyond expectation with the Transcend MTE220S

Performance beyond expectation with the Transcend MTE220S!

Be it for digital audio or video production, to gaming, or demanding enterprise use, users should think of the Transcend MTE220S , otherwise known as the PCIe SSD 220S . You can rest assured that the constant processing of your heavy workloads will experience no system lag or slowdowns with this baby. Enjoy supreme transfer speeds like never before with the MTE220 packing the PCI Express Gen3 x4 interface supported by the latest NVMe standard, 3D NAND flashh memory, 8-channel controller and DRAM cache.

The PCIe Gen3 x4 interface means four lanes used in transmitting and receiving data simultaneously, allowing for greater bandwidth in transmitting data. Following NVMe 1.3, the MTE220 also comes with an 8-channel controller capable of supporting ultra high data throughput, for up to 3,400MB/s read and 2,100MB/s write.

If you’ve been finding a slowdown in booting up your games, then you should definitely consider upgrading to the Transcend MTE220! Just throw on your most frequently played ones onto the SSD and watch that load time go down. Less wait time, more game time!

This is helped with the faster PCIe (PCI Express) interface when compared to SATA (Serial ATA). With the NVMe (NVM Express) host controller interface – calling for scalable bandwidth, increased IOPS and low latency among others – your needs will be addressed, whatever you may use the SSD for. The 3D NAND on board only adds on to the high level of performance and endurance. Engineered with a dynamic thermal throttling mechanism, stability is ensured for high-end applications.

Don’t hesitate to give your hardware, your processing and your game that boost with the Transcend MTE220S . It is available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB configurations, with 5-year limited warranty.