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We Supply Pentair Master Filter For All Water Filter Dealer


[size=150]NO.1 IN USA !!! 10 Years Warranty ![/size]

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Kelebihan : Air lebih Jernih & Bersih tanpa karat, lumpur, kelodak & bau.

Model : ORIGINAL Pentair 942
Size : 9 inch diameter, 42 inci tinggi
Warranty : 10 Tahun

Harga Biasa : RM 1,688.00 - RM1,888
Harga Tawaran : RM750.00 (cash and carry without installation).
Urusniaga : Tunai sahaja.

Colour : Gray or Natural (optional)

5 Layer Filtration :

  1. Zeolite Sand (Australia)
    Zeolites have an unusual crystalline structure and with greater absorbing power to remove suspended solids, soluble ammonium.

  2. Anthracite Carbon
    Reduce chlorine, smell and chemical mean while trapping the sediments, being the primary function of the carbon, it leaves some chlorine in the water.

  3. Mining Graded Sand
    Most idea for use in domestic &industrial water filtration due to high level of hardness and toughness. It is efficient for removing particles, sediments, mud and suspending solid in the water.

  4. Fine Silica Sand
    Further trapping of very fine sediment at the surface of fine silica sand.

  5. Rough Sand
    Balance the pH and increase oxygen supply and restoration of water quality.

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Now only RM599 ! While Stock Last !

How was the maintenance scheme?

some ppl say the contain (sand) won’t last for few years is that true?

How bout the extra service that you advertise earlier today??? :roll:

RM599 is price for cash and carry at west malaysia. For east Malaysia the price is RM699 for cash and carry. Thank you.

ts selling price is misleading . if wanna sell at Rm 699 put 699 not 599 .

Hahaha !!! That extra service already invisible.