Penguang welcomes Rulers’ call to respect Federal Constitution

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Datu Dr Penguang Manggil

MIRI: Assistant Minister of Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil welcomes the Malay Rulers’ statement on the importance of upholding the principles of the Federal Constitution and Rukun Negara to put a stop to any form of extremism in the country.

In heralding the advice as a wake-up call, the Marudi assemblyman said the stand taken by the Malay Rulers should be appreciated and adhered to by all Sarawakians and Malaysians in general.

“It is very well said and, in fact, it is a wake-up call against any extremism in this country,” he said when contacted by The Borneo Post yesterday.

In its statement on Tuesday, the Conference of Rulers expressed serious concern over the deterioration of unity and harmonious relations among the multi-racial and multi-religious people of the country.

The Rulers said the people were obliged to understand and respect the key principles contained in the Federal Constitution as they feared that the excessive actions of certain individuals of late could undermine the harmonious relations among the people of various races and religions.

“It is feared that the excessive actions of certain individuals of late can undermine the harmonious relations among the people of various races and religions.

“The Rulers feel that the issue of harmony has deep implication if any action is associated with and undertaken in the name of Islam.

“The image of Islam as a religion that promotes tolerance, moderation and inclusiveness among its followers must be defended from being tainted by actions that are excessive and can disunite the people,” said the statement, issued on the eve of the 247th meeting of the Conference of Rulers.

The statement also said the Conference of Rulers greatly appreciated the firm stand of the Sultan of Johor and the Raja Muda of Perlis in the case of ‘Muslims Only’ launderettes in their states.

“The stand of the two rulers reflects concern over the importance for Muslims to adopt a tolerant, moderate and inclusive attitude in a country where the people are from various races and religions,” it said.

It also said that the Malay Rulers also believe that unity in a multi-racial and multi-religious society is an important component in ensuring Malaysia’s stability.

“After 60 years of independence, it is most important for the people to continue to practise the values of society and state set forth in the Constitution and upheld by the spirit of the Rukun Negara,” it said.

The statement further said the Rukun Negara, which was declared as a national ideology by the fourth Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Aug 31, 1970, underscored five ideals and five principles, and must be taken as a guiding compass by all quarters, be they leaders, administrators and the people as a whole.

“The people of different religious, racial and cultural backgrounds have been coexisting in unity and harmony for generations in Sarawak.

“This ‘gift’ which has made Sarawak what it is today should be upheld in order to maintain our political stability,” Penguang said.