Penghulu: Divorce rate among Dayaks reaches worrying level

MIRI: The divorce rate among the Dayaks here has reached a worrying level, according to Penghulu Randi Elon.

He said over the years, hundreds of divorce cases were reported, especially among couples who had been married for 20 to 30 years.

“One of the main causes of divorce among couples aged 40-50 is extra-marital affairs,” he disclosed yesterday.

He said the availability of smartphones and social media platforms such as Facebook and WeChat had caused many married couples to have secret affairs.

“Most who came to us to file divorce had found out that their partners had been cheating on them and they were caught through private messages on social media and texts,” he added.

Thus, he advised couples to be transparent and honest with one another by letting both to have access to each other’s phone.

“Holding secrets is always the reason for misunderstandings that can lead to arguments between couples, which could eventually lead to divorce.

“Couples should cherish their marriage and uphold their sacred vows,” Randi added.

He said children tended to be the worst affected in the event of a divorce.