Penan workers behind success of golf course

MIRI: More than 20 Penan workers are responsible for the maintenance work on the ninth ranked Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club.No one had expected Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club, located in the Northern Region (Miri), to be among the top 10 in the Teetimes Malaysias Top 10 Golf Courses ratings list.

The full ratings are: 1.West Course, Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club; 2. Kota Permai Golf and Country Club; 3.Plantation Course, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort; 4.Valley Course, Glenmarie Golf and Country Club; 5.Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club; 6.Nexus Golf Resort Karambunai; 7.Jack Nickalus Course, The Legends Golf and Country Resort; 8.The Mines Resort and Golf Club; 9.Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club and 10.Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort.

The golf course opened in 2005 with layout designed by Glenn Nickels of the US-based Nickels Golf Group Ltd.

In sharing the news, its managing director Law Kiu Khiong said credit should be given to the clubs ground workers, the majority of whom are Penans.

We have more than 20 Penan workers doing maintaining work on the golf course, and we are planning to bring other Penans to work with us here, he told the Borneo Post at a press conference yesterday.

Most of the Penans come from Ulu Sirat, Baram and Miri.

We are planning to send these workers to study at Riam Road Institute in mechanical subjects related to their work field, as we want to upgrade and expose them to the latest technologies and knowledge, Law said.

He said they want the Penans to feel comfortable working in the city, so the management of the club built a longhouse to house them and their family members.

With ages ranging from 20 to 50 years old, the Penan workers are well trained in handling heavy machinery for maintaining the golf course.

Grass cutter Jodi Ayah, 23, is happy with the opportunities given to his community. Ive worked here for five years, and have picked up knowledge and skills in handling machines, he said.

His co-workers, Ayah, 50, Upai Wan, 23, and Sajang Apoi, 25, are also grateful for the opportunities given.

It paves the way for more opportunities for our communities in the future, they said.


to borneo post,
its [size=200]SILAT[/size] instead of sirat. get your fact right before you publish it. it’s understood if the mistake comes from outside sarawak media companies but not from a home ground company. cisss…shame on you guys!! :evil:

to eastwood management,
on behalf of the penan community mentioned here, a very big thank you for the job opportunities and skill development plan ahead for them. it is indeed useful and a good cause to the community in general. please make sure it will be materialise and not just empty promises for the sake of cheap publicity.

however, do take note that those penan comes from the mentioned areas (ulu silat & baram) are very good and skillful blacksmith too. perhaps you may consider sending them to relevant program to enhance their skills as part of your community services. :wink: