Penan villages receive 200 gunnysacks of used clothing

Segah Selaan One-Stop Shop and Homestay owner Joseph Lawai Apoi (right) is seen with Penan residents in Ba Buong on Sunday.

MIRI: Over 500 residents from the Penan settlements in Long Lamam, Long Muboi, Long Ajeng, and Ba Buong, Selaan in Ulu Baram received 200 gunnysacks of used clothing recently.

The clothing was donated by Merbau Furniture Taman Tunku in collaboration with Segah Selaan One-Stop Shop and Homestay, which distributed the clothing to the villages.

Sega Selaan spokesman Arthur Jalong Lawai said each village received 50 gunnysacks for distribution to the villagers.

“This is one of our efforts to help the needy, including helping to deliver essentials like clothes for free.

“At the same time we are making easier the process for individuals, organisations or companies, which want to contribute to the community in the interior areas, especially in Long Selaan,” he said yesterday.

Arthur added the geographical conditions of the area, which is only accessible by logging road, makes it difficult for some to render their assistance.