Pembunuhan near Stesen Minyak Petronas

I heard this morning got people killed by some gangster. One died and one in coma. Both locals. Any news???

huh? Miri?

Which Petronas station is it ?

hope is not…THAT petronas…

near HRH one…

HRH is where ?
Is it because of money thingy ?

Near SK Bintang or Dewan Suarah

Should I call CSI? Maybe H know what happen :mrgreen:

ayo … true kah … ???

Morning? As in wat time?


wow, that means it is real?

Its real, its my colleague’s cousin (the one that died) waiting for the news from him

Chinese kah?

must be after clubbing

nope… Bumiputera…

boys and gals matter?

Gangsters = Rejects of society

Irony is:

Rejects of society $$$ > Non rejects $$$. (At the cost of someone’s life of course)

got kuar in chinese newspaper?

tomolo published i guess