PEDALBOARD FEVER! (guitar/bass effect pedals o.o)

hey guys :slight_smile: come show pics of your pedals/pedal board. would like to know what stuff you guys use :smiley:
If you dont have picture, description oso can la :smiley: but got picture nicer. hehe.
we can also discuss why we like this and that pedal.

Show me yours and ill show you mine :smiley:

Thats what im using currently :smiley: will update later on what they are . lazy now o.o

boring laa… everybody using multi effects or waaattt.

:S nudge nudge.

this is what ive been using
ZOOM B2.1u
still learning how to get tetsu’s sound if anyone can teach me.

ooo lolol. finally a contribution.

tetsu as in, tetsu of larc en ciel?

ic ic, a multi-efx for bass huh. kewl kewl.

my pedal board has grown since starting this thread. :S lol. ill put up a picture next time :smiley:

hahaa.coz u got a very freak stomp box there. never seen any before. just see boss’s -distor,metalzone etc etc

are u in a band…wut’s ur bassist is using

another in the title it’s a pedalbox - does it include multi efx?? i think it’s not

yerp. tetsu’s larcenciel. he’s crazy

hehe yeah, im selling all my boss pedals lol.

nah im not in a band, bedroom guitarist :smiley:

sure it includes multi efx lolol.

so it the zoom all you use? happy with it ? :smiley:

i just got a new pedal in the mail today! will post picture after i get back from afternoon lab. lololol.


latest picture, just took this morning lol :slight_smile:

whoa nice man. ive never seen any of them except for the holy grail :smiley: hehe ur selling ur boss pedal? multi effects or single? how muchhhhh???

oh can u explain to us what ur pedals do? starting from the left. :smiley: confirm layan play guitar with all these pedals >.<!!!

hehehe alright. i explain lolol.

top row-
Holy grail plus reverb, that one u know right.
Flatliner PRO - this is my power supply unit. all isolated outputs so theres no hum. 5 9v DC outlets,1 12v DC, 2 variable output outlets(3-9v and 3-12v DC), and 1 12v AC outlet.

bottom row-from left
AMT SS-20 Tube Guitar Preamp. This is a 3 channel tube driven preamp pedal. got clean, crunch(overdrive) and lead(distortion). got seperate 3-band eq for the two channels(a&b) which is awesome to tweak ur sound. There is a cabinet emulator output and an regular output jack. since im in australia now i dont want to bring amp ma, so i use the cabinet emulator. plug it into my audio interface, and plug my headphones into the monitor jack of the audio interface. :smiley: sounds like playing thru an amp instead of that sterile sound you get from direct input from your guitar to computer.

Next is my Dirt section(im picky about overdrive, so im always searching for a better one)
from the left is, Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret(DLS), Lovepedal Kanji Eternity, and my DOD YJM308(malmsteen pedal lol)
all 3 got different voicing, the catalinbread DLS is a type of, “Marshall in a box” thing. there are 2 modes, rock and rawk, which both emulate the sound 2 different marshall amplifiers. Now, this according to the catalinbread website is a “foundation” pedal. and i find it to be true, it doesnt have so much gain. but it stacks awesomely with other dirt pedals like my kanji and my ss-20. Its also nice by itself.
the we have the Lovepedal Kanji Eternity. I love this one, its one of the most transparent overdrive pedals ive heard. i use it for low gain stuff, its really nice.
then got the DOD YJM308, this one by itself i dont like it. too harsh the overdrive. When i got the DLS 2 days ago, i was like since malmsteen uses this pedal with marshall amps, why not stack it with the DLS. lol result was awesome. a more agressive type of overdrive combo.

Then i got the, Diamond Pedals Boost-EQ. Like the name its a clean boost pedal, with a cool EQ section. I love the EQ, so simple to tweak my tone. Mid knob can cut or boost mids, and Tilt knob, can boost either treble or bass while cutting the other(not like guitar tone pot which just rolls off the treble) This pedal is Always On. :slight_smile:

Then its my Clean boost, lol. very cute small little chili thing. Its by Catalinbread as well (love their pedals) I use this when i coil split my humbuckers to get single coil sound. Its just to give extra juice cos after coil splitting my output is halved. I make up for it with this pedal. :slight_smile:

And as for my BOSS pedals, since im in aussie now. i selling in australia lar. but so far no luck lolol. so if i still have it till mid november(which is when i go back miri) ill post it up on miricom for sale :smiley: All single effects,
Pedal List:

lol wall of text :smiley:

sweet setup u got there 8) , im running thru a pod xt + digitech whammy instead of getting a truck load of pedals i settled for multifx’s it just adds lots of colour to my tone.

lolol ic ic… take picture laa :smiley:

i prefer boutique/handbuilt effects cause of the quality components and single effects for the tweakablity . im straying away from the commercial brands too.

come on guys picturesss

heheh i appreciate ur elaborated description man. at least i learnt something today :smiley:
having all these effects, u must be really good with the guitar!
my friend’s friend in kl has the holy grail, and some other non-commercialized stuff. i didn’t like em at first coz i’ve always thought that boss were the best.
but now after hearing from u, i think its pretty cool to get the non-commercialized products eh? :smiley:

im so poor most of the time so i cant afford buying ANY pedals. when i have the cash id spend it on other things like booze and what not LOL. i guess maybe thats why i never improve playing the guitar.
i got my first guitar in 2002, its an ibanez SA-series. and together with it, i got a CRATE GX-10 amp. guess what, thats still all i have now and nothing else! 6 years owning a guitar i think ive only re-string my guitar 3 times!! im hopeless T.T

anyways where abouts are u in australia?

yeah, worst thing about boss is that theyre not “true bypass” so tehy suck ur tone when ur not using them. and theyre really one trick ponys, not so versatile.

lol! 6 years=3 times string change! i think i 1st started around 2002 or 03 as well hehe. ibanez SA huh cool cool. im using my modified yamaha :smiley:

Im not that good at guitar too you know :), at least not what a 6 year player should be. i see myself as more of a tech :S i mainly play blues too, so i guess thats one of the things i do quite alright :slight_smile:

im in melbourne hoho.

Nice pedal u got there Mr.tensaigamer but try to get urself a Damage Control and u’ll be suprise, I mean…
Class A tube distortion quality and it’s really class A and I really mean it.
Btw you can get it from The Guitar Store KL at 03-23002822.
DOD YJM308- is a nice pedal but try to paralell it with a noise gate to get more Yngwie tone, have u try it…and remember to push more

yeah i know about Damage Control hehe. It takes up too much pedal board real-estate to be convenient for me. This set is my “travel set” so i can bring it and hand carry into planes.
And also, my rig currently is for DI, cause i dun have an amp in aussie here. and the AMT preamp has a speaker simulator which i like and need. I personally dont like the YJM308 alone, then again it is a pre-amp overdrive not meant to be used alone. I dont see a need for a noise gate unless i have a crazy high gain pedal for metal and stuff. stacking it with my DLS gets me my yngwie tone :smiley: Which is too bad cause Im not good enough to play his stuff yet lol.
And no thanks to the guitar store kl, i got bad service there last time and im not goin back lol. i order US made pedals from the US now anyways. Online Shopper here :S
Annnndd new reverb pedal coming! from brazil this time :slight_smile: new brand on the block hoho. not even selling thru retail yet. i ordered from the guy directly. will post pics here once i get it. Gonna have to sell my EHX holy grail+ soon.
Kunee show ur stuff here :frowning:

Mr Tensaigamero, i’m not a working guitarist anymore…mean i’m retired from show… just doing little bit of local recording session for guitar and programming which is not really interesting but enuf to feed my hunger in music… and btw when i said YJM308 with a noise gate or suspressor it’s not about high gain but it’s more sound like yngwie…hehe. i’ve try it when i was still a music consultant on instrument side and btw what’s your guitar? and what kind of instrument cable are u using? did u try the George L cable yet? believe me cable/jack like Planet Waves/Sommer/or bla bla just 20 to 30% of George L. it’s really improves your guitar sound and that’s test on human ears not machine…just believe if ordinary human ears can compare a tone that produce by guitar with diffrent cable…but believe it, we did that.
Lastly i’m glad to see a Sarawakian involvement in music. Wishing u the best!!!

ooh ic ic, thats pretty cool you know. :smiley: perhaps in the future i might try it out with the noise gate, but for now i havent heard anything about noise gates improving tone, just reducing noice. but experimentation doesnt hurt :slight_smile: spending money does though! :smiley: so maybe in the future, right now im still filling up the board with those important pedals that i need.
My guitar is a yamaha PAC311S, one of those telecaster type yamahas. its probably discontinued. but its based on Mike Stern’s yamaha model. Ive done mods on it, hardware change, pickguard change(had to craft my own lol), pickups im using seymour duncans right now, p-rails in the neck and lil’ 59 in the bridge. i put a switch to split the p-rail coils to give me p90-humbucker-single coil sounds. ive made it to be a versatile guitar XD
i also have an Epiphone Sheraton II at home, havent modified that yet, planning to do a pickup swap this holiday. I have a squier deluxe strat as well, but i stripped it naked lol, meaning i took of the hardware and stuff. planning to modify that into an aged malmsteen-hendrix-surfgreen monster strat :S but its one of my long term projects. cause its expensive(the parts i mean-especially the neck).
And my yamaha is due for another modification now too :slight_smile: in the planning process right now. wanted to build a fender champ this holiday but im gonna postpone that to next year.
I know what you mean about the cables! :smiley: im using some generic stuff right now, something called crazy and an ibanez cable. i know it wont give me the best :frowning: but ive decided to buy from a guy i know in kl, he uses canare cables and he assembles them himself. ive tested them before. magical ! XD but i havent had the chance to visit him again to buy them… Indeed i was about to you george L’s patch cables for my pedal board too. but lava cable has a smaller right angle plug so i chose that instead. theyre both good.
hehe, this is just a hobby of mine though. but a hobby for life it is. The journey for tone is never ending :smiley:

First of all…you’re really spending much on a hobby…and your stuff are pro’s… and from what guitar u’re using that revealed ur style of playing.
You’re right bout noise gate, it’s really for cuts noise and hum and that what’s it’s made for but like you said you can try it in future… see what the different and please ask someone with malmsteen heart and playing style to participate.
btw canare cables mostly use for profesional recording studio for low noise and audio quality…and you want to use it for guitar…wow…who’s d guys u’re talking about? I might know him…hehe
Well as what you’ve said…the journey of tone never end… I suggest you to look for more than tone…hehe… playing quality is important too.
lots of suggestion…hehe sorry, try the Buzz Feiten Tuning System…and experience the different of perfect tuning guitar which i dont really like coz it’s too perfect…lol,
Btw nice talking to u… i just spends my free time here and enjoy when talking about music stuff.

indeed i agree with you. theres a canare-g6 was it, for instrument cables. the guy i know is Simon. went to his shop last time in damansara there to fix my acoustic. then he show me his stuff there :smiley: hehe. mb u know him?
woh i checked the buzz feiten tuning system, the website didnt really clarify what it is :S is it a special nut and bridge? or is it a professional set up service, like the “Plek”.
The tuner ive decided to get for my pedal board is the Sonic Reasearch ST-200, one of the most accurate tuner pedals around. and fast response as well.
Its similar to what you said up there lol, cause its too accurate, some people dont like it. (±0.2cents accuracy)
i decided to spend money on this cause, there aint no shortcuts to good tone. I might just be a bedroom guitar player, but i enjoy it :slight_smile:
yeah nice to talk and debate with another person who knows his stuff too :smiley: