Pdrm evo10

FD2 Type-R only 2 doors not meh?

FD2 Type-R only 2 doors not meh?[/quote]
FD2 4 door. FN2 baru lah 2 door.

oh i c i c. kekeke bad memory ahhaha

Now stupid Honda Civics and Wiralutions cannot run away liaw~~

HONDA: race ke?
WiraLution: okay, tak takut police la, semua waja dan kancil haizrace race xD
HONDA: eiei, apa kereta itu?
WL: Evo X…wow
HONDA: mengapa ada siren light pada roof punya?
WL: Evo X police!!?
HONDA: Jangan race lagi laa
saya takut eh…Evo X, kamu punya Wira lasap compare to Evo…
WL: okok, kita pergi lah…jangan kena lihat, kereta kami ada Tinted windows la…


:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Those drving this package sure go visit accessory shop one…heheheh…“bang, pasang turbo timer dgn boost controller sekali…”…hahaha

EVO also thirsty 1, sure need kopi o… :stuck_out_tongue:

EVO also thirsty 1, sure need kopi o… :stuck_out_tongue:

the new version of the waja is the new lancer. just a rebadge version.
http://paultan.org/archives/2008/12/05/ … -platform/
http://paultan.org/archives/2008/12/13/ … 2010-2011/

Finally msian goverment upgrade jor~for those who wanna run police~pls buy better car~dun upgrade ur honda or proton or watever lap sap car

are u sure that white car fast?

All Miri police cars also got KL plate number what. The picture file is too big i think. i load quite slow.

wah seh… if evo10 police drive better become police… no need to hard work to buy evo10… hehe

they get volvo for their escort, now evo?


before tis, PDRM also have Proton Satria GTI for patrol the highway…

the satria GTI was pulled back because of safety reason at highspeed (1 satria crash become 2 satria), then they patrol with perdana turbo~ , saw it once they use to open road for YB…

miri ppl all upgrade to 4x4, make own road… see how the evo chase… muahahaha

Wah Evo10…PDRM finally also come out with Evo10…can they control the car or not hahaha ( Do they understanding at speed do kill ! :mrgreen: ). All on road driver also “Scare” as I believe, once they lose control & swing at noway :mrgreen: then it will be waste of money & spoil all others on road car user only :mrgreen: by … especially over drifted ! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

There’s one evo10, black colour at Mitshubishi Motor located at Courts Mammoth. (RM three hundred thousand plus plus…)

dun buy evo10 get the GTS oso good enuf RM120k++? haha oso at courts mamoth