Pdrm evo10

Evo 10 wor…is it no more Proton after this??? :mrgreen:




Any comment???

9554, nice numbers, saturday can some toto and magnum

nice car… :mrgreen:

but where is the logo of PDRM?

haven stick eh…

no… wrong answer la… they spend all the money buying that car… now no more for the sticker… have to wait for month end whereby all the tax payer is getting their salary…

hohoho… can jio them go race liao

i gues wud b d 1st keta police pll would wanna snap a pic at on road. hehe

ngai di… all those lapsap car want run from police cannot run liaw…

Is this car in Miri?

WSB leh… west malaysia…

wah…so nice…but i worry 1 problem…if we against the rule,we surely get caught compare to last time…
oops.thats oso mean expenses for government will increase as well???

Finally Malaysia police upgraded…when will change GTR-35 ho…lol

if change to GTR-35 u’ll see i’m the first one being sued for not paying tax by LHDN lol.

GTR???dREAMING oh you… don think too much bah… think oso think bout lambogini oh…
Do you have friends wanna be police?


As i know now less chinese wanna be police…
maybe government can use dis chance to pursue more chinese to join police force…


Advantages to join us:

well oh well, there are more speedsters on our road nowadays, we absolutely need some upgrade for those Wajas and Wiras. oh yeah, so it’s EVO 10. 4G63 huh? so VTECs, next time see this whitey Evos with bluelights on the roof, go jio cucuk their back and beee tiiaaaaakkk away OK? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

but…isn’t it better be FD2 Type-R rather than EVO 10? hihi

At least they didn’t overhaul their Waja with B16A :roll:

I’ll tell you guys, I bet that’s a preview test car for them… after OK, they sure take out the diamond logo then rebadge it with Malaysian brand !!! lol… :shock: