Pdf to flipping book

Dear All,

who have any interest to convert pdf to flipping book.

pm me for the best pricing.


Why are you charging for something that can be done for free is beyond my understanding.



oh man… I need the services… why its gone? :frowning:

pm me if u need service… just change the title as someone there have said can search free on internet…if still need pdf convert to jpeg file. still available for pm too. dont worry. you are mostly welcome

can I ask u some question? can u convert jpeg file to pdf?


great… so, can I edit those pdf?

if u convert to pdf . u want to edit . u need to have pdf editor to do that

nvm I juz need to copy those words… can it be?

u urself have any pdf editor? if u have… copy should be no a problem

I send jpeg file to u… can u edit intro a pdf file wif able to copy those words?

normally if jpeg convert to pdf and u want to edit n copy the pdf need to use pdf editor to do that…anyway no problem… u sent one jpeg file n i help u see how

ok… check pm