PC down the drain

I think it’s around the 21st, 22nd of last month. I was driving back home that night when I spotted a 4x4 parked near this big drain. A young man went out, took out something big from the trunk (I thought it was a box of stuff initially, but it does look kind of heavy). Just before he threw it in the drain, I realized that it was actually a CPU! Then out come the monitor and it went down the drain too. The wires are not spared either. Hm, this reminds me of the sayings that we might throw our slow, lagging PCs and notebooks into the drain, this one really did it! :shock:

This might be a bit easier, as the Streamyx thingy’s not that heavy as a CPU or a PC monitor. Pity you can’t flush it down the toilet though :))

hahah… good 1! :mrgreen:


Remind me some old videos :slight_smile:

Its a waste. Can use it to do random stuff

Might be secret information on that PC that he didn’t want anyone to know about…

Might be, who knows. I drove by that drain again this morning. Didn’t have the chance to go and have a look though. Why, you want to look what’s inside, is it? Top secret stuff maybe, or pics he don’t want people to see.

oh ya, thanks, Silverwood =D common sense maa…

hahahahah i can imagine that!


if so,better he burn than throw away in the drain

dennos2, jahat you :stuck_out_tongue: hehe. Well, I saw what I saw. Young man, with another older man. Father and son maybe. I’ll go see if those things is still there or now. I’m going out after this for a late lunch. Hungryyy~~ (question: can you actually salvage and repair it even though it is submerged in water – drain water, specifically? haha…)

hehe. now you witness two males. :mrgreen:

how inconsiderate imo. :frowning: shame on him !!

MetalHead, now you pulak yang sakat I tau :stuck_out_tongue: okay2, I get it. I didn’t go check at the drain just now. Too hungry. Having my almost-dinner meal @ Kaya & Toast.

Haiya. No la. You ni kan. Kalau tak sakat I tak sah :slight_smile: Kaya & Toast, that eatery place. Next to Hong Leong Bank. 4.00pm came, eat, 4.30pm cabut, haha. And, alas, I didn’t check the drain to see if it is still there or not. Tomorrow morning la. Tonight driving back home from Bumiko here to Taman Tunku, alone~~ huiii~~

hehe. u sebenarnye mau check whether those two males masih di situ tomorrow. hehe. Ok, just kidding no offence 8) . Have a safe journey back home though I post this quite later. :mrgreen:

Thank you :slight_smile: I am safely home (well, reached home around 2 hours ago). We’ll see tomorrow if the poor PC are still there or carried away by the currents. So sayang la he did that, didn’t he know that we should recycle things like that? This is bad for the environment, those things aren’t biodegradable, right?

I think the CPU and monitor has been washed away by the flood last Saturday. I think this is the first time that I saw flood water in Taman Tunku. We can;t even go in or out, ‘Welcome to the island!’ like my brother said.