PBMS urges state government to rebuild Miri Long Jetty

MIRI: Miri Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Association Sarawak (PBMS) supports Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg’s proposal to rebuild the suspension bridge at Satok in Kuching to revive a historical and tourism landmark.

At the same time, PBMS wants the state government to rebuild Miri Long Jetty and for oil and gas companies, namely Petronas and Shell in Miri, to sponsor its construction.

PBMS vice-president Talhah Mansor said, previously Miri Long Jetty was known to attract visitors to the oil town, just as the suspension bridge in Satok was famous among tourists and visitors visiting the Cat City.

“Visitors never missed going to Miri Long Jetty if they were in the town as the trip would not feel complete otherwise; same goes for the Jambatan Gantung (suspension bridge) in Satok, Kuching, a landmark there,” Talhah told The Borneo Post yesterday, urging local elected representatives and corporate bodies to come forward and play a proactive role in rebuilding the Miri Long Jetty, a once famous landmark for visitors visiting Miri town.

Talhah nostalgically recalled that visitors here previously had the opportunity to see beautiful sunsets, and experience the warm sea breeze, fishing and walking along the beach with their family members.

He also said that foreigners working for Sarawak Shell Berhad in Piasau Camp and Lutong loved to stroll in the evening along the long jetty as they took in the unique scenery of the Miri seafront.

Talhah proposed that the authorities concerned can either rebuild the long jetty near the Miri River mouth, near Kampung Pulau Melayu or at Marina Bay which are ideal locations to draw more tourists to Miri city.

“I hope the state government can build the long jetty with the local YBs (elected representatives) supporting the idea to give Miri more places (for tourists) to visit,” he said.

Bringing back the old glory of Miri Long Jetty will also show the state is preserving local history, he added.

At the same time, it will boost local business by encouraging small business operators to open booths or stalls nearby to sell handicrafts to tourists or visitors.

“Young petty traders can sell their products there to boost their income,” he said.

Source: The Borneo Post

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