PayPal scam?

Any PayPal users here? Could anyone verify whether if PayPal works this way?
Thank You

It’s SCAM obviously.

Paypal is payment gateway, why they need you to send to another payment gateway system (Western Union).

I’ve been using Paypal for more than eight years already, and can assure you this is scam.

It has SCAM written all over it, don’t get conned, you could forward that email to the real PayPal asking them to verify the authenticity of the email… work smart please!

i dont have paypal also get this kind email. the email also funny, if i got rm2k, why u just direct deduct the rm1.2k to that ppl, then direct bank in rm800 to us.

Thank you for the feedbacks…

thank you for sharing. now will be more caution.

Wow!!amazing…I got those email too few weeks ago but I just ignore & delete it. :slight_smile: